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Do you feel stuck? Are you plagued by regret, unpleasant memories, or unhealthy habits? Are your relationships suffering? Do you have a wounded heart?

One thing is certain: you are not alone. Many people struggle to manage powerful emotions. Emotions influence almost every aspect of your life including your behavior, beliefs, self-esteem, wellbeing, and your relationships.

Compass Counseling & Consulting, LLC is here to assist you on your healing journey. With the help of a compassionate counselor who is willing to walk alongside you in your pain you can overcome anything. By better understanding yourself and the ways in which your past, present, and future may be affecting you, you will be better equipped to handle the many curveballs life is bound to throw your way.

We value a therapeutic relationship that is non-judgmental, authentic, and collaborative. We know that you are the expert of your own life and will treat you as such. All of our interventions are based on the latest research so that you may receive the best care possible. We consider the person as a whole and work with you on all areas of your life.

We are here to help. Don’t suffer another minute. Give us a call today.

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